The goal of this Business Diversity Institute (BDI) program is to provide education, training and resources for Diversity Practitioners that support the growth of Oregon’s DMWESB business community.

Defining Diversity Practitioner

Beyond the issue of race and gender, it is a form of practice that fosters social responsibility. Diversity Practitioners are those who embrace a diversity of perspectives, build and maintain bridges to eliminate gaps in equity, support mutual respect and collaboration, and foster the development of social equality through action.  Diversity Practitioners are effective change agents in the pursuit of social equity.


The Diversity Practitioners Summit is first of its kind to serve DMWESB’s through education and training targeted to Diversity Practitioners that advocate for small business inclusion. Through the Diversity Practitioners Summit, practitioners will develop and enhance skillsets necessary to be effective change agents, learn about best practices, and gain new perspectives and ideas for their organization.

What You Can Expect

  • Valuable Training
  • Informative Group Discussions
  • Takeaways – actions you can reasonably incorporate into your work

This event occurs quarterly and is attended by public and private organization diversity practitioners.

2018 Upcoming Events